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共享知识,建立和扩大社交网络, 文化交流,辩论!
Networking. A gateway to China. Sharing know-how. Cultural & business exchange. China-related jobs.  

The Chopsticks Club is the UK's unique network for China-related professionals

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China networking

Its members represent a culturally rich and diverse network of professionals engaged with China. Our activities are designed to appeal to both the Chinese and British communities, to enhance our knowledge and understanding of China, to stimulate debate on key issues and to provide excellent networking opportunities.


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Engaging with the Chinese private sector,19 June 2015, London

Engaging the Chinese Private Sector is targeted at senior executives looking to work with the most dynamic of China’s companies, looking to build long term relationships with some of the individuals that are shaping China.  The stories of these people tell the story of modern China. This summit is designed to bring together heavyweight commentators on the post-election political and economic outlook for Britain involving senior dignitaries and thought leaders from business, cultural and government sectors. Read more and book...

STOP PRESS - Chopsticks Club participate in London HK Dragon Boat Race 

The Chopsticks Club had a magnificent day taking part in the London HK Dragon Boat Race on 28 June 2015 at the Royal Albert Dock. Despite some rain, the Chopsticks Club team performed with energy & great enthusiasm, and much discussion as to what technique we should use to improve our performance. The day ended with beautiful sunshine and an opportunity to enjoy all the singing, dragon dancing , delicious Asian inspired food and other entertainment that the event provided.       
Thank you to everyone who was there to support. 

The Chopsticks Club would like to thank their Sponsors, Varcale Capital Management and the Golden Phoenix restaurant for their support, without which the Team could not have participated. See below details about our Sponsors and an interview with Varcale's CEO & Founder, Davide Cottarelli about participating in the festival. Click on the button below


Varcale Capital Management is a globally focused investment business looking to expand our client base in Hong Kong & mainland China. Established in 2011 and offering investors a Forex (Aggressive) Managed Account,(Alternative) EIS Approved Film Finance fund and a Forex Structured product Wealth preservation.               

Varcale Capital Management
Varcale Capital Management
Golden Phoenix
Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant is located in Gerrard Street, theheart of London Chinatown. This superbly renovated restaurant is one of thelargest with a 350 seating capacity and 7 private rooms spread over 3floors.  It specializes in Cantonese cuisine, but also provideauthentic Szechuan and Malaysia cuisine to suit every palate.   There are plenty of culinary surprises in this restaurant,especially its Dim Sum and other famous dishes - such as Crispy Duck andShredded Chilli Beef.  All dishes are of the highest qualityingredients and freshly prepared on the premises.  They also offertailor-made menus at very competitive rates to suite everyone’s budgets.    
Enquiries or Bookings for the Party Room: 020 7439 9123  OR

Next Event: Monday 13 July - Panel discussion on the business cultural differences between the Chinese diaspora - for more info and book click on the button below - a collaborative event with EY & HK Society


Chopsticks Club China-related recruitment successes continue

Apply for new China related jobs


Property Search Agency, JMChase, joins Chopsticks Club as new corporate Member - need someone to help you buy a property in London? 

We are delighted to welcome Property Search Agency, JMChase, as our latest Corporate Member. Here's what they do:
JMChase are a Property Search Agency that represents private buyers of residential property sourcing the very best that the London market has to offer. They regularly secure exclusive access to properties for their clients, often well in advance of them being advertised on the open market and sometimes completely privately. 

"We represent clients from all over the world and help them secure the best home or investment for the right price and assist them through the whole buying process. We are entirely independent of any sales team and pride ourselves on offering thoroughly informed, impartial advice. Our clients tell us that, above all else, they completely trust our guidance. Please contact us +44 (0)20 7268 2200 to discuss your property requirements."

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 2015 Special Offers for Paid Up Members - click on the button below

Private sale
  • 6 months FREE readership of the new online News feed, CHINA OUTLOOK 
  • Discount on all books at Palgrave Macmillan
  • Half price annual Membership of Hong Kong Society

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New JOBS  & Chopsticks Club China Skills Recruitment Events 2015 - CLICK HERE

It has never been a better time to have mandarin language skills and Chinese cultural know-how. Find your ideal job through our pioneering recruitment events coming soon.
"Awesome!" "Right place, right people. Very successful!" "Some great CVs...we are very hopeful!" "We will definitely be involved next year!"

New series for 2015
New series for 2015

Such is the overwhelming feedback of the Chopsticks Club's unique 2013 China Skills Recruitment Event held at Bloomberg in London. Over 300 job seekers had the opportunity to match their China-related skills with the needs of 20 organisations seeking to grow their China-related businesses. READ MORE about our previous events.

Chopsticks Club in the news

China Daily Chopsticks story
China Daily Chopsticks story

The work of the Chopsticks Club was recognised and publicised in late December 2010 for its work in 'bridging the knowledge gap' in the UK about China. The newly launched European Edition featured the Club in its article entitled 'Food for Talk' in its third issue.
The article covers the Club's history, the profile of its members, the way that the Club bridges a vital gap between the Chinese and British communities here in the UK and the ton of noodles that we have eaten over the years! It also mentions the recognition of the valuable work of the Club by the Chinese authorities, including Vice Minister for foreign affairs, Fu Ying, and Ambassador Liu Xiaoming who have attended two of our high profile events. Read more...


'A Dialogue with the Ambassador' event - a huge success

To a room packed to capacity at the Royal Society in London on Tuesday 19 October, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, addressed a captive audience of Chopsticks Club members and China-interested guests. His speech was very well researched and used the image of chopsticks and the knife and fork to convey the different cultures of China and the West. Both are important, he said "but the length of each chopstick is the same" He went on to describe how this reflected the need for equality in bi-lateral relations. Club Director, H-J Colston, spoke of the need to do more to educate the British public about China "in order to dispel fear and prejudice that often springs out of ignorance." She also talked of the expansion plans of the Club.

The event was kindly sponsored by Grant Thornton and Albany China

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming
Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

China's Ministry of Education honours the work of the Chopsticks Club

Club Director, H-J Colston, has been invited as a guest of the Ministry of Education to Beijing over the National Day Holiday period in recognition of the "outstanding contribution" by the Club "to the friendship and cooperation of our two countries". H-J will be part of a worldwide delegation of 50 individuals who have studied Chinese since China first invited overseas students 60 years ago to the mainland and who have been involved in promoting bi-lateral relation during their career. "This is a great honour," said H-J, "as it reflects the value that we add to our network and members in relation to promoting Chinese understanding, the importance of our network and the support services we provide."

Chopsticks Club Monthly Events

The Club's monthly dinner/speaker events provide a uniquely informal and welcoming atmosphere in which to network and to gain insight into the changing face of China. Its topical debates air issues of interest and concern to our members and generate healthy and sensitive discussion.


Many Chinese people who move to the UK find it hard to find a real "UK experience" of life whilst they are here and to find friends with similar interests. The Chopsticks Club aims to fill this gap and to be the number one destination for anyone interested in China - including those whose work involves China, Chinese people moving to London and returning expatriates providing a ready-made community of like-minded professionals. The Club's aims are simple but sincere:

  • knowledge sharing
  • debate
  • cultural exchange
  • networking


  • 知识分享
  • 辩论
  • 文化交流
  • 友谊
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