China goes global

Event Date: 
Monday, 1 September, 2014

"In China, the concept of PR means 'pay the reporter!'" Not so in the West, obviously! Our speaker highlighted 5 key relationships that are needed in order to get things right; cited how important it is for brands to be managed well and how a "hands-off" approach to management will make the local company entity run most efficiently. To a packed audience, Joel spoke animatedly and authoritatively and offered up many example based on his research and recent case studies to shed light on how Chinese companies can avoid pitfalls and be successful when "going-out" overseas.

We heard of the sometimes irrational and impulsive decisions made by companies to establish operations overseas and the lack of prior end-user research and needs, for example, Lining in the US. Likewise, many companies lack insight into the expertise and support that local professional services providers can give including lawyers, accountants and PR firms and how they can assist in making the transition run much more smoothly.

Our thanks to FTI Consulting for hosting this event so seamlessly and generously.