Joining the Mandarin Voices & Choir News

About the Choir

The Choir works on a festival format, performing up to three concerts a year with our next concert scheduled for 29 September 2018. Singers are expected to download and learn scores in their own time, with rehearsals reserved for polishing the final piece. Rehearsals will be held in central West London in the two months leading up to the concert date. For each concert there will be up to six rehearsals, three mandatory & three optionals

The Mandarin Voices is seeking members who have a musical background 

Joining the choir

Please complete the online APPLICATION form, below & email Theresa on to let us know that you wish to join. Please ensure you include enough detail regarding your choral experience to give us an adequate understanding of your singing ability. 

Once we have approved your application, please pay using the paypal button above. If you wish to pay Chopsticks Club Membership price, please also click on the JOIN the CHOPSTICKS CLUB button below as well and complete your membership of the Club at the same time. 

 In some instances we may wish to audition you, to make sure we maintain the high standard of singing for a project based choir. An ability to sight read western music is essential. Ability to pronounce mandarin is only preferable. It is no different to singing in any other language, eg: Latin, Italian or German.

Should your application be successful, we will be sending you downloadable scores.

To apply to the Mandarin Voices Choir, please fill out this Application Form

Choir Fees

Annual membership 

  •  £50.00 (Non Chopsticks Club Members) or 
  •  £25 (Current Chopsticks Club Members) 
  •  £20 Student Chopsticks Member 
  •  £25 Student Non Member 

 All fees below include paypal fees of 3.4% & £0.20/transaction. 

The membership fee helps us to cover the expenses of the concert including the venue hire.  

Choral Rates

WeChat Pay

Or for those with WeChat pay wallets registered using a Chinese ID card, you can scan & pay using the QR code below. Prices are as above but without paypal fees.

Choir Members ONLY - concert details - none at the moment


Optional Rehearsals

To be advised

Mandatory Rehearsals  

To be advised

Dress Code for the Concert 

Men - black tie Women - single coloured, ankle length dresses - bright colours preferably 

Please download the music using the button below. Please print the score and place in a black folder for use at the concert 

Music for the concert

Improve your singing & mandarin with lessons

It's not just the Mandarin Voices Choir that will help you improve your singing and mandarin skills. 
Join Chopsticks Club member and professional opera singer, Wang Chen at St Martin's in the Fields Church, (Bishop Ming Hua Hall) Trafalgar Square, and sing in Chinese on Thursday evenings between 6.45pm - 8pm
Each session costs £10 for a one hour lesson (£7 for students). 

(To join the Club, click on the MEMBERS header) For more information email: OR see