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Engage with China Programme 

What is it? 

A programme to upskill all school children in the UK on China's past and present, allowing them to
understand the world's second largest economy better in order to engage and make use of  all opportunities
they may be afforded in their lifetimes.  Reinforcing a global outlook, collaboration, and curiosity about a 
civilization that has a history of 5,000 years and a nation that will impact the lives of young people in the UK 
in so many ways. 

Why is there a need?
China is strategically important to the UK, particularly in this Brexit era. Whilst the government has launched 
the Mandarin for Excellence Programme funding mandarin learning in up to 20 schools, young teenagers’ 
exposure to China is generally very limited or non-existent in the curriculum. This programme aims to fill 
this gap and to ‘put China on the map.’ It will build China knowledge and enable young people to recognise 
the competition they will face from their Chinese peer group - (who are more culturally aware and bi-lingual) - 
for global jobs in the future.

Please view a short video on the aims of the Engage with China programme

Engage with China really served to build cultural capital amongst our pupils and added value across multiple subject areas. In addition, the role-play really pushed them out of their comfort zone to understand that many life scenarios involve negotiation.
Head of Y12, St Michael’s High School, Liverpool
It is a great idea to increase awareness of China and to introduce the real China to our students
Teehan Page, Westminster School
China is a country of huge strategic importance
 to the UK, and education plays a key role in
 developing that wider relationship with significant
 economic, educational and diplomatic benefits
Rt. Hon. Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards
in letter to Chopsticks Club, March 2018
How is the programme delivered?

The 'Challenge day' is a full ‘off timetable’ curriculum enrichment day delivered by China experts directly into primary and secondary schools. Adding cultural literacy to the curriculum and making connections across subject disciplines, China is brought alive in the classroom across multiple themes from the environment to innovation. Our programme stimulates global outlook, encourages problem-solving, builds aspiration and curiosity about the world’s second largest economy and includes analysis, discussing ideas and public speaking. Through an understanding of their place in a world where the status quo in shifting, Engage with China builds resilience and confidence, brings global issues to the forefront and gives young people the tools to make them more employable in the competitive global job market.  

To find out more or book a challenge day email:

Information pack for schools

The information pack below relates to the one day Challenge day


How to sponsor the programme

1) Sponsor a state school or cluster of schools to receive a 
challenge day
2) Help fund a resource rich website where all lesson plans & 
additional resources will be archived
3) Become a UK nationwide sponsor, helping state schools across
 the UK receive the programme
4) Donate using the Golden Giving gift aid donation button below.

*All general donations will be used to build the website giving all schools access to the programme



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History of the Engage with China programme

In order to deliver the Programme into state schools for free a charity called 'Engage with China Limited was registered in August 2019. A list of our Trustees and Ambassadors, are set out in the document below. There is fee payable for delivery of the programme into the Independent Schools sector.