Strategic Partnerships

Find the right partners for your business in China with a practical, cost effective, flexible and ‘hassle-free’ solution.
Establishing the right strategic partnerships in China is often key to success, be it searching for distributors, franchisees, strategic suppliers or manufacturers, in or out licensing partners, co-development or joint R&D partners, business process outsourcing partners. But how to find the right partner? How best to structure the deal? All of this while not necessarily being based in China. Chopstick Club’s ‘Strategic Partnership’ service offers a solution. Put simply, with us liaising with you in the UK and an experienced China-based team working through a proven rigorous process in China, an expert team will help seek-out the best potential partners, and provide local liaison –assisting you all the way to deal signing and beyond if needed.

Our Service:

Our ‘Strategic Partnership’ package can include some or all of the following:

  • Development of Chinese language materials targeted specifically at such partners.
  • Development of potential .partner long list.
  • Research and analysis to develop potential partner short list.

  • Market research.
  • Partner due diligence.
  • Partner liaison such as to arrange for you to visit China and meet shortlisted ones.
  • Assistance in deal structuring.

Benefits include:

  • The Right Partner: think of the benefits of finding the right partner for your business and the risks if they are not the right one –maximise your chances of getting it right.
  • The Right Expertise: our China-based partner has been securing local strategic partnerships for clients for almost ten years from small businesses to large multinationals, deploying a rigorous proven process, in-house databases, and experienced staff.
  • On the Ground: the search is run on the ground in China while we are there for you in the UK.
  • Fast , Hassle-free and Cost-effective: results within weeks, no multiple trips back and forth.
This service is provided by Chopsticks Club in partnership with a boutique Asia-focused management consultancy providing corporate strategy, implementation, and investment services through its deep local expertise and rigorous approach to solving client problems.


A fee structure tailored to your needs: please contact us for a quotation, outlining your needs. Our quotation will depend on the number and type of partner, your sector and what optional services you require.

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