For Universities

Cross-cultural training for universities and students
The training was very professional and the students enjoyed the session, I liked the interactive approach as well as the theory and getting the students to present certainly helped their confidence
James Tibbert, Head of International Department, University of Oxford
Entertaining and also very useful!
Mr Wang, Postgraduate Student
It is challenging to build the bridge of cultural exchange but you do contribute to it. Great!
Postgraduate Student, University of Oxford

Build your reputation for pastoral care

Our research at key universities across the UK shows there is a growing need to support the Chinese student community particularly where student numbers are large. Those who are responsible for overseas students are witnessing increasing cultural isolation and cliques that bring challenges into the classroom as well as across the campus. Our cultural integration programmes for academic institutions provide support for academic and pastoral staff to understand how to get the best out of this group of students for the benefit of the university as a whole.

Help students become global graduates

Cultural and language barriers, differences in taste and food, lack of confidence and differences in learning styles makes the transition from Chinese to British educational styles a daunting and challenging experience that can last for years. Our interactive cultural integration programmes help Chinese students by giving guidance and practical tips to boost their cultural literacy as well as involving interactive exercises, role play and public speaking that boost their confidence and encourage initiative.

The results?

A more confident and happy student group ready to take part in wider university life and improved performance across the board. Understanding how to network, be a team player and how to work cross-culturally are all core skills that global employers look for. Our programmes support you to get the best out of your Chinese students. By enabling them to get a better appreciation of British life, and their role on campus as players in a global microcosm, you can build great ambassadors for your university and for Great Britain. The students benefit by enhancing their academic career and global career prospects as well as feeling confident in getting involved in the life of the University. Talk to us about how we can help.