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Next event dinner/speaker event - Tuesday 19 May - Speaker Betty Yao - John Thomson's photographes of Qing China - an illustrated lecture

Speaker: Betty Yao MBE.                        

From 1868 to 1872 Scottish photographer John Thomson spent 5 years documenting the people and landscapes of China. Photography was only invented three decades before.  Carrying heavy camera equipment, dangerous chemicals and a mobile dark room, Thomson travelled from Beijing and Tianjin to Fujian and Guangdong.  This unique archive of photographs is a valuable record of China during the late Qing dynasty.Exhibition organiser                                                                                                                                                                                             Betty Yao will recount how,thanks to sheer chance and serendipity, that these images, almost thrown away,managed to survive 150 years and is now on a worldwide exhibition tour.   

About the Speaker                                                                                                                                         Born in Hong Kong, Betty Yao has lived and worked in the UK for over 30 years.  She worked in publishing and television before joining Asia House as Programme Director.She accidentally stumbled upon the John Thomson glass negatives in London and offered to show them in China.This has led to a worldwide tour of 16 cities and the exhibition has now been seen by close to 900,000 visitors.

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Venue: The Golden Phoenix, 37-38 Gerard Street, London W1D 5QB
Schedule:18.45 arrival & networking
19.30 - dinner
21.00 - Talk and Q&A
22.00 - Close

PLACES LIMITED - BOOKING ESSENTIAL - no tickets on the door. Please use the BUTTON above.

If you wish to send a cheque, please make the cheque payable to 'Chopsticks Club' and send to Chopsticks Club Ltd, 52 Gloucester Terrace London W2 3HH - to arrive before the date of the event. 

NO SHOWS policy - we are unable to refund any monies paid unless you let us know by the Friday before the day of the event.

Tuesday 9 June - Speaker photographer,  Jo Farrell - a fascinating insight into Feet Binding in China, through a100 of the remaining women with bound feet in China - 

Jo Farrell, photographer, will talk about the history of foot binding,how it compares with other forms of body beautification and the affect it had on the lives of those who bound their feet and their families.                 
Jo interviewed and photographed 50 of the remaining women in China who had their feet bound, all now in their 80’s & 90’s  and has produced a beautifully crafted book of these photographs, celebrating the lives of these extraordinary ladies.    

Bound Feet
Bound Feet

Links to more about Jo can be found on or see her recent interview with the BBC on
BOOKING will open shortly  when venue has been finalised. 

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We would prefer that everyone pays online, but if this is not possible please send a cheque made payable to Chopsticks Club, and sent to Theresa Booth at 52 Gloucester Terrace London W2 3HH. Payment must clear prior to the event.

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